Meet the technological and social revolution that will transform Catalunya into a Smart Country of international reference.
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In 2013, a group of prominent entrepreneurs based in Barcelona, lead by Miguel Vicente (Antai, Wallapop, Letsbonus), Lucas Carné (Privalia), Iñaki Ecenarro (Trovit), Mauricio Prieto (Edreams), Dídac Lee (Inspirit, FC Barcelona) and Carlos Blanco (Akamon) among others, decided to promote Barcelona Tech City. This private non-profitable project aims to strengthen the city of Barcelona, like the digital hub of reference on the south of Europe, and to support entrepreneurs and local and international start-ups from the Barcelona ecosystem.
Right now, this driving group has already surpassed 330 members and the association represents more than 350 businesses from the sector to the city, among these are businesses like Edreams, Antai (Wallapop ...), Privalia, Social Point, Scytl, WorldSensing, King, Airbnb, Uber, just to mention some, and partners like the Mobile World Capital Founda on, Caixabank, ESADE, Gas Natural, Telefonica Open Future, BeRepublic, McCann Erikson, LetGo o
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Due to its range (all of Catalonia), its scalability (any sector of activity), complexity, cost and impact, the T-mobility is probably the most crosscutting, powerful and smartest project that is being carried through in Catalonia.
Built upon contactless technology and inspired in the experiences of citizen cards from Hong Kong, Singapore and London, the project will be unfold in the public transport network of Catalonia in two phases: a first T1 for the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona and a second T2 for the rest of Catalonia.
The system is designed so that the T-Mobility would be a card with functional scalability that will allow the payment of other systems such as motorways, bicing, car parks,
Library Living Lab
Sant Cugat del Vallès
Behind the project, there is a committee coordinated by the Centre of Vision by Computer, the UAB and the Sant Cugat council. It also includes the Neighbourhood Association from Volpelleres and the Diputació of Barcelona, and it is open to the participation of both small and big size businesses.
The Library Living Lab consists of a physical space of a hundred square meters at the Miquel Batllori library, from where it is explored how technology can transform the experiences from the users with the culture, through a series of lines of work that are sided with on-going social challenges and from the actual library.
Those challenges are regularly examined by work groups through activities, open workshops, public presentations of prototypes, scientific experiments open to the public participation, debates and innovation projects with public institutions such as research centres, universities and
Smart Boutique
La Roca Village
Prototype boutique from the future developed by a coordinated group of important technological businesses based in Catalonia (Admira, Panasonic, Samsung, Philips, Nec, LG, Intel and Microsoft) with the support from the Roca Village.
Inside of the smart boutique, there will be the opportunity of meeting emerging functionalities in the world of retail such as the ID light, the object analytics, the video mapping, the virtual fitting room or the virtual robot-like assistant.
The Roca Village is part of a collection of eleven shopping destinations that Value Retail has in Europe and China. The consumer shopping experience is the major priority and mission for Value Retail and the Roca Village: offering the visitor a memorable stay and an exquisite treatment similar to a five-star hotel. On account of this approach, the Roca Village is nowadays the main touristic destination of Catalonia, outside the city of
Technologically advanced operation centre that assures the mobility and security of the motorways users from the Spanish state 24 hours every day of the year.
From this centre, there is a monitoring of the traffic situation and a control of the security through a CCTV (360 cameras), presence detectors (347 units), weather stations and broadcasting systems as well as systems for the management of the ITS Security equipment (500 screens of variable messaging), 1500 SOS stations, besides the various facilities in tolls and tunnels, among others.
The information systems are connected and coordinated with the proper traffic administrations. et
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La tecnología toma la ciudad
Smart Boutique, Admira
[El Periódico] Catalunya se posiciona como 'smart country'
Catalunya Smart Country Tour (Notícia tipus agenda)
Primera edició del Catalunya Smart Country tour, una iniciativa que vol complementar la tasca divulgativa de Fira de Barcelona amb visites reals a projectes i solucions smart que ens trobem a diferents indrets del territori.
La Roca Village estrena la primera 'Smart Boutique'
El centro comercial La Roca Village, ubicado en La Roca del Vallès (Barcelona), ha estrenado este lunes la primera 'Smart Boutique', que ha exhibido las tendencias y las novedades tecnológicas que mejoran la experiencia de compra del consumidor.
Fulls dels enginyers (Diari dels Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya)
El conseller d’Empresa i Coneixement, Jordi Baiget, acompanyat de l’alcalde de La Roca del Vallès, Albert Gil, han participat en el primer Catalunya Smart Country Tour tot presentant el projecte a la Roca del Vallès, on han aprofitat la quarta parada del tour per conèixer la primera botiga del futur d’Europa, l’Smart Boutique.
[Al Dia / Europa Press] La Roca Village estrena la primera 'Smart Boutique'
El centre comercial La Roca Village, ubicat a la Roca del Vallès (Barcelona), ha estrenat aquest dilluns la primera 'Smart Boutique', que ha exhibit les tendències i les novetats tecnològiques que milloren l'experiència de compra del consumidor.
Es tracta d'un projecte pioner que estarà en funcionament fins aquest dijous desenvolupat per un grup d'empreses tecnològiques --Admira, Idneo, Intel, Microsoft i Panasonic-- i la presentació del qual ha comptat amb la presència, entre d'altres, del conseller d'Empresa i Coneixement de la Generalitat, Jordi Baiget, segons ha informat el centre comercial en un comunicat.
[El 9 nou] La Roca Village mostra les últimes aplicacions tecnològiques del comerç
Un dels locals de La Roca Village s’ha transformat per uns dies en un espai dominat per les novetats tecnològiques que es preveu que incorporaran les botigues del futur. Amb un aparador que captarà l’interès dels visitants, el comprador estarà acompanyat per ur robot que oferirà atenció personalitzada. A través de la xarxa wi-fi de l’establiment, el client podrà rebre realitat augmentada sobre els productes en temps real.
[] La Roca Village abre un laboratorio de innovación que muestra tienda futuro
La Roca Village, el outlet de venta de productos de marcas de lujo de colecciones anteriores, ha abierto hoy su laboratorio de innovación "Smart Boutique", un espacio que pretende mostrar al visitante cómo serán las tiendas del futuro, de las que muestra su prototipo.
En el recinto, que estará en funcionamiento desde hoy hasta el jueves 17 de noviembre, se exhiben una serie de tendencias y novedades tecnológicas que buscan mejorar la experiencia del consumidor, según ha informado en un comunicado La Roca Village.
About us:
The first Catalunya Smart Country tour has been organized by the Catalan companies,
Permanent Campaign, specialized in digital communication and business strategies and Admira , company leader in digital signane and new technologies.

Located in Barcelona, Permanent Campaign belongs to an entrepreneurial ecosystem where engineers, communicators and public relations meet to produce events that facilitate the understanding of the technological evolution that constantly changes our environment.